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Waterloo Brewing

As a drawing on a napkin at the birth of Waterloo Brewing, the boar was born. As time went on, it was clear that a rebrand was brewing. As one of the most fun, detailed and broad projects in my career, here are some snippets from the full company rebrand.

The Rebrand

As shown here on the Waterloo core brew bottles, the use of the new boar's head die cut, the updated vibrant colours and the neck tag was a great progressions from where the brand had been. The coasters and all other brand elements were designed to keep it all in the family. 


The Shirts

A set of shirts were designed to allow those visiting the brewery to take a treat home with them. Moving outside of the brand colour palette, the series also uses large type and the boar as a bold graphic.

The website

An image of the new bottles welcomes the user and then we dive into the vibrant and modern colour palette and packaging highlighting the four core brews.

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