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Kia + TFC

The partnership of a lifetime, Kia sponsored the TFC and was one of the most challenging and unique experiences in my career. Working with a custom shop, they took the designs I created and turned them into one hell of a prize for a lucky winner at the Toronto International Auto Show. Believe it or not, all shots below are actual photographs.


The Exterior

The exterior of the Kia Optima had a base of satin black paint, with the hexagon pattern painted in gloss. A pinstriping artist hand-painted the red details around the exterior.

The Wheels

Based on the rendered designs, the spokes were painted Kia red, the middle emblem had the logo applied and the calipers had the logo painted on Kia red.

The Engine

One of the most unique parts of the interior was the engine cover. With the curves and accents, the design really took shape once placed under the hood.

The Seats

With leather imported from France, we added custom stitching to create the hexagon shape as well as custom red piping. The perforated leather ensured that the heated seats would function as intended.

The emblem

One small but final detail was added — the emblem that solidified the partnership between Kia and the TFC.

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